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Who will get the cruise job?

Do you know what the cruise lines are looking for in job candidates?

All three candidates have positives, such as a smile, but it takes a lot more than that for a recruiter to accept you.

How do we know?

We know exactly what the cruise lines are looking for, and know what it takes for a candidate to get the job because we are proven  and respected experts in the cruise industry.

CREWCORE employees have worked onboard up to the 4 stripe level, hired and scheduled in the cruise corporate offices in Miami, owned and operated an international cruise line recruitment company, and operated a culinary cruise academy.


The candidate to the left is wearing a T-shirt to the interview, and doesn't make a good impression with the recruiter because of his clothing selection for such an important discussion about his career.

The middle candidate is under dressed too.  His disadvantage can be his age, as most of the competing candidates will be much younger with more hospitality experience and skills.

Correct answer is the candidate to the right.  He is dressed appropriately, confident, and has the required skills because he is certified by CREWCORE, which is recognized throughout the cruise industry as credible, proven, and effective in developing successful crew members.

You can have it all.  We'll help you!

Get Certified Now!


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