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Share your memorable customer experience with us.

What is the most memorable customer experience you have received?

How did it make you feel?

Did you tell anyone about it?

Well, I believe we can all agree that great customer service is something that is truly "magical". It exudes your mind, body, and spirit with positive vibrations which rejuvenates the human senses.

It sticks with you for a lifetime.

Think about it...someone, who you do not know, went out of their way to truly care about you, and show their love in a way which will forever make an impact upon your soul.

That is special.

Service Advisor USA wants to know about those special service people which have served you with that magical touch. These can be hoteliers, food servers, hospital staff, office staff, etc... Basically, anybody and everybody who serves people.

Send us your stories, videos, and pics, and we will share your experience online with our Service Warrior recognition program.