• Jewel Pacheco, Marketing Manger

Service Advisor USA visits the Activity Professionals Association of Greater Dallas

We had an amazing opportunity today to speak to a very special group of key people who are leaders in the senior community living industry. The passion and concern they show for the people they serve is humbling. As we pressed forward through the presentation, it was exciting to have them so engaged. They were full of questions and eager to find out how we can help them improve service at their communities. Garry Abbs, Chief Executive Officer, spoke about a previous training Service Advisor USA (SAU) conducted in Northern California and offered insight into how SAU executes the training process. Several things he touched on included culture, measuring where you are and where you want to be, and maintaining the level of service the staff had been trained on.

Bernie Vasquez, Chief Development Officer, shared some of his training experiences over-seas and stated that you have to “pepper” (change up) different cultures with different training methodologies.

The leaders were asked what unique experience would you like to create for your consumers? Many great ideas were shared amongst the leaders on how to enhance the different communities. This ignited many side discussions on positive changes that could be made.

Wonderful questions to ponder as you evaluate your clientele:

How can we make the consumers experience fun?

How can we get creative with personalization?

What can I do to make this a “cared for” moment or experience?

On behalf of the SAU Team, we appreciate the warm hospitality and engagement.