• Garry Abbs

POOR REVIEW RATING: Centerfield Baseball Academy & Five Star Performance Mafia Baseball Organization

Shady business.

Spent over $1500 on son's baseball team with Coach blatantly lying to son that he was going to play in a tournament, but sat him on the bench and substituted him with players not on the team. ?

My son is a top performer, so it was not because of performance issues.

When the Coach was asked after the game for the reason he was told he was going to play, and then substituted, the Coach replied, "It is his Team, and his call."

I took my complaint to the owner, and he told me he saw nothing wrong with what the Coach did.

I am baffled how anyone can say one thing verbally and in text, and then treat a player like he doesn't matter. Especially, one the best players on the Team.

Just did not make sense. All respect, credibility, and trust for the Coach and organization was lost.

This business is just seeking your money, and do not care about lying to get it. Avoid this Team, and Academy, and look for one which has honesty, integrity, and "business sense".